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Quality Handcrafted Lamps

"Light Up Your World With Lamps By Design"

Bring in your specialty item and we will create a lamp using that item.

Special orders are often one of a kind lamps and cannot always be duplicated.


There is so much that can be done to match your decor with fabulous accent lamps and matching shades.


Bring in your old non-working lamps. Repair fees are much lower than any you will find anywhere.


Our expertise is not only with wiring of one light but also touch lamps, multi switch and multi lights on one lamp.


Please check out the other pages of our website. Items can be purchased via Pay Pal and shipping is calculated.


Email: Pamela@LampsbyDesign.com
or phone: 269-383-1937 to pick up locally and save on shipping charges.


Pamela Perry / Owner
1424 Egleston
Kalamazoo, MI 49001