Raku Pottery

Raku Pottery originated in Japan in the 16th Century. The process works by taking a red hot pot out of the kiln and placing it into a barrel of straw, sawdust or other burnable materials.

The hot pot starts the material on fire and the flames wrap around the pot bringing all the copper and cobalt to the surface of the vessel. Each pot is unique and individual. The artist, Jud Tanja, has signed each Raku piece.

There are 4 notches cut out on the bottom of each piece of pottery for the cord. This way the buyer can determine which side is to be the front of the lamp.

Currently the pottery we have is about 10" tall and as a completed lamp it is about 20" to the top of the finial and shades are optional if you want to purchase your own.

Exact colors and measurements cannot be guaranteed.

The above Raku Pottery Lamp is $130 with shipping included. It carries a 30 day money back guarantee. For the price of shipping both ways I will repair your lamps electrical parts as long as you own it.

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