Specialty Lamps

Does your child have a theme to his/her room? Can you find all the toys, curtains, sheets, comforters, etc. but not the lamp to match? Bring us a matching toy or figurine and we will create just the right lamp.

Have you found a beautiful piece at the flea market and just don't know what to do with it? Wouldn't it be awesome to create a useful lamp with it?

Do you have a toy, figurine, trophy, placque or otherwise special item that you would like to display in a special way?

There is a 30 day guarantee on all working parts. I can also do bird house themes of a Train Station, Log Cabin, Diner, Trading Post, Inn, Beach house and Noah's Ark, and others. I have various figurines for children's lamps, sports enthusiasts, professionals, fishermen/women and hunters...all with theme matching shades.

Our new shop will continue to offer handcrafted and vintage lamps as well as gift items and low cost repairs.

Lamps by Design is located at 1424 Egleston, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001. SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Please call to leave a message for pick up and delivery, repairs at your door or a time to drop off at the shop location. All are available methods to get your repairs completed with a rapid turn around time.

Email: Pamela@LampsbyDesign.com
or phone: 269-383-1937 to pick up locally and save on shipping charges.


Pamela Perry / Owner
1424 Egleston
Kalamazoo, MI 49001